Bartininkų Stopuko Rankų Darbo Duonelės
Bartininkų Stopuko Rankų Darbo Duonelės
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Be the change you want to see in world

I T ’ S   A L L    E C O    C E R T I F I E D

We’re a 100% certified ecological farm. This is a principle that’s engrained not just in our work, but in our family too. We trust nature and that it knows best.

S u p e r    f r e s h

There is no time to waste with organic produce. Use it up when it’s at its best, and cut out the need for preservatives or other additives.

F A M I L Y    O W N E D

Granville’s produce is a family owned and run business. When we retire, all of the fruits of our labor will be left for our kids and grandkids to run.

S U S T A I N A B L E    F A R M I N G

We live by the principle that our work has to be good for the nature. We are working towards running a fully zero-waste organic farm here at Granville.